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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Oh! Happy Star Trek day!

Before charging off to school, I've got quite a bit of news concerning Playboy Magazine that I just have to share.

First up, MTV has just greenlit the pilot for a cartoon called Hef's Superbunnies. The brainchild of Hugh Hefner and comic books Godfather Stan Lee, Hef's Superbunnies follows the exploits of a superpowered Hugh Hefner as he leads a team of superpowered Playboy bunnies in the never-ending battle against evil. It's from the same creative team that brought us that Pamela Anderson cartoon, Striperella, so expect lots of animated jiggling boobs and sexual innuendo.

Secondly, the October issue of Playboy will be the first one ever to depict video game characters in various states of undress! In a pictorial entited "Gaming Grows Up," expect to see nude photos of characters from BloodRayne, Darkwatch, Rumble Roses, the latest Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive: Ultimate, and, of course, the upcoming Playboy video game Playboy: The Mansion. The honor of centerfold goes to Luba Licious, one of the computer animated babes from the latest Leisure Suit Larry game. And yes, all these pictures are 100% computer generated.

Of course, the big news for me in this article was that they've done another Leisure Suit Larry game, so naturally I had to do some research. The first Larry game in about 8 years, Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude brings the teen sex comedy genre to PlayStation 2, XBox and the PC. This new Larry is the college-aged nephew of the original Larry. The plot of the game is simple enough. Go around the campus, get drunk, hit on incredibly hot and unrealisticly proportioned CGI college girls, and get laid.

Is it wrong to say I'm excited about this? When I first got into computer games in junior high, there was this mystique around the Leisure Suit Larry games. When I bought my first computer, the first game I bought for myself was Leisure Suit Larry 5, which I fished out of a discount bin. So, yeah. My inner junior high kid wants the latest Leisure Suit Larry for Christmas

Next Issue...School Days!

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