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Saturday, September 04, 2004

Tonight, I accomplished one of greatest goals in Pokemon: Sapphire Edition.

I captured Pikachu.

Actuallly, I captured two pikachus.

Here's the whole story. In Pokemon: Sapphire Edition there's a place called the Safari Zone. You pay your 500 bucks entrance fee, you're given 30 special "Safari Pokeballs" and a limited amount of time to catch as many as you can. Rules are different in the Safari Zone, too. You don't capture a pokemon by battling it into submission. You sneak up on it, offer it candy, and when you've lowered its defences, you toss a Safari Pokeball. Now, the Safari Zone boasts "rare pokemon," ie pokemon from the earlier games. It was where I caught Psyduck, and I always suspected it's where Pikachu resided in Pokemon Sapphire.

So, I was playing around earlier today and managed to catch another rare pokemon I always wanted: Wobbafett. After I captured him, I had my first encounter with a wild pikachu. This wild pikachu ignored all the candy I offered it and fled the first time I hurled a pokeball. After wandering around in the Hoenn region, doing a few battles and getting a few more dollars, I made up some more candy (actually called pokeblocks in the game) and headed off to the Safari Zone with one goal in mind: catch Pikachu.

I went back to where I first encountered Pikachu, and it wasn't too long before another pikachu came bounding along. This time, I hatched my plan. I offered him a yellow pokeblock. He liked it! I snuck up closer to him. I offered him a purple pokeblock. He liked it. I snuck up closer to him. I hurled my Safari Pokeball...and caught him! Yes yes yes!

Time wasn't up yet, so I kept wandering throughout the Safari Zone. And lo and behold, I came across another wild pikachu! I had already caught one, and I was feeling cocky, so I thought, "I'm not going to sneak up on him or offer him any candy or anything. I'm just gonna huck a pokeball at him." I did and...lo and behold, I caught a second pikachu.

This was when my time was up and I was booted from the Safari Zone.

Now, the question sank in. What the hell was I going to do with two pikachus? And then, it occured to me. I remembered from the cartoon that pikachus don't evolve when they get a certian number of experience points like most other pokemont. Pikachus only evolve when they come into contact with a Thunder Stone. I started thinking, "Wait a minute, don't I have a Thunder Stone?" I checked my PC and yup, I had a Thunder Stone. I knew exactly what to do!

I used the Thunder Stone on pikachu #2 and got me a Raichu.

So I now have a pikachu and a raichu. I rock!

And now, my challenge continues. Apparently, now that I'm the champion, Latias has been unlocked and is roaming free throughout the game. My goal now: capture Latias!

Next Issue...Off to Kanto!

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