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Sunday, October 03, 2004

Crap. Looks like it's time to buy a new printer.

I was putting in a new ink cartridge when a heard a fateful "snap" a little piece of plastic go rattling around. Now, ink cartridges don't stay in place; they flop around until warning lights start flashing.

I'm wondering if I should take in my printer to get fixed, or if its worth it. I mean, it is 7 years old, which is damn old in computer terms, so that might mean parts will be tough to find. Just might be time to get a new one. This one cost me $300 in 1997...I'm sure a $300 printer these days is of a lot better quality.

The only thing that pisses me off is I just spent $60 in new ink cartridges.

Anyway, time to unwind. I think I'm ready to make a run for the Regi in Pokemon. I've got everything I need to unlock their ruins. I did it last night and did a little trial run...I think I'll need to use the same strategy I used with Skarmory to capture them.

History lesson...Skarmory is a steel/flying type pokemon, and literally a tough bird to catch. He was very strong and no amount of Ultra Balls were able to contain him. Finally, I decided to use a Timer Ball. A timer ball is a pokeball that gets more powerful the longer a battle rages. Then, I attacked Skarmory with nothing but weak attacks, and when he had no energy left, I started using nothing but defensive moves. Point is, I dragged on the battle as long as I could until the timer ball was its most powerful. Then...no problem catching him.

I'm sure that'll work on the Regi. I hope.

Just so you know...in Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire there are about a dozen different kinds of pokeballs. Each one works in different ways. Here's the list:

Pokeball - The good ol' red-and-white special and still the favourite ball of choice for Ash.
Great Ball - Higher catch rate than a pokeball.
Ultra Ball - Higher catch rate than a great ball.
Master Ball - 100% catch rate. Use this, and your guaranteed the catch. There's only one in the whole game, and I used it to catch Kyogre.
Nest Ball - Works best on weaker pokemon. I've found this one to be useless.
Timer Ball - Works better the longer a battle rages on.
Repeat Ball - Works best on pokemon you've caught before. For example, say you want to catch a secon pikachu. Well, then, this is great for #2.
Net Ball - Works best on Bug-type and Water-type. I've found it works good on Flying-type, too.
Dive Ball - Works best on pokemon you find on the ocean floor.
Safari Ball - Only for catching in the Safari Zone.

Plus this time, I'll also have a cheat code working for me. Apparently, you'll have a 100% catch rate if you mash down A, B, L and R while the pokeball wiggles.

Next Issue...Run for the Regi

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