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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

It's official folks.

The very first trailer for Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith will be in front of the Disney/Pixar film the Incredibles.

Although, we have been warned. the Incredibles is rather long for an animated film (2 hours, including the Pixar short Boundin'), and lots of movies want to have their trailers in front of The Incredibles, so several movie theatres may choose not to run the teaser in front of The Incredibles.

However, the teaser will be in theatres on November 5.

And it'll be shown on the entertainment news TV show Access Hollywood on Thursday, November 4.

And it'll probably go online on the evening of November 4.

I'm all tingly.

Oh, and I guess I should take a moment to acknowleged Edmonton's big mayoral election that happened last night. The long shot, Mr. Stephen Mandel, who always came up third in the polls, won! He won by a massive, 20,000 vote margin. Incumbent Bill Smith, who was seeking his fourth term, came in second. And Robert Noce, the guy that all the smart money was on, came in a distant third.

I won't lie. I was rooting for Noce. The guy came in second in the last election (2001). He officially declared his candidacy back in January and had been campaigning non-stop since. Noce wanted it bad.

Despite fears that the freak October snowstorms would keep people away, there was a phenominal 42% voter turnout. That was the highest in 9 years. The 1995 election drew a 51% voter turnout.

And last night was the season premiere of one of the funniest shows on TV, CBC's Rick Mercer's Monday Report. Every month, Mercer has some kind of contest on his show. This month's: which Canadian college or university has the best on-campus bar? E-mail your name, phone number, and a brief descripition of your on-campus bar and/or a picture of the bar, and the winner will be announced in a month.

I was rather thrilled because, as Mercer was rattling off examples of on-campus bars, he specifically mentioned The Nest, which is NAIT's on-campus bar. I guess that was to be expected, seeing as to how we were declared the #1 party school in the country over the summer.

But, I don't think I'll submit the Nest to this contest. Even though it's not a bar per se, my heart always belongs to the Augustana Coffeehouse.

Hmm... I wonder how big a donation I have to make to Augustana to get them to change the name of the coffeehouse to "The Scarecrow?" Or, even better, since it's a Lutheran college, they should change the name of the coffeehouse to "Martin's."

Next Issue...Drinkin' with Marty Luther

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