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Sunday, October 03, 2004

First and foremost, latest column. It's Your Money:

"So, my editor’s been after me to write this for the past few weeks now. As you may have heard, the government has sent a survey out to home entitled It’s Your Future. “We’ve got to do something about this survey!” he keeps telling me. “We’ve got to get all the students to respond to this and say ‘We want more money for post-secondary education!’ If we could do that, my God! Think of how much more money this school would get!” Well, sadly, my editor was among the uninformed. There’s no point in doing this survey, which is why I’ve been dragging my heels on writing this. How come I don’t want to write this article? Because of one simple reason. This whole survey is based on a lie. It tells us that the government has all this wonderful money to spend because we’re now debt free. Well, you know what?

Alberta is not debt-free."

And tonight, I had my most frustrating experience ever. I'm playing Pokemon. I'm in the midst of capturing the first Regi: Regi-Steel. The battle rages for 20 minutes. Regi-Steel busts out of the first 12 pokeballs. Finally, lucky 13 captures him! My pokemon are bruised and battered, but it's worth it.

I go to the Pokemon Centre. I heal my pokemon. I check on Regi-Steel and see he's adjusting to captivity. I go to save my game and....

The batteries die.

No saved game. No captured Regi-Steel.

First, I buy new batteries. Then, I begin anew.

Next Issue...Wall Adaptor

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