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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

So, my latest goal in Pokemon: Sapphire Edition is to capture Latias. I've been studying strategies online, and I think I've devised mine.

See, the tricky thing about Latias is how fast she is. You can't do anything. She just takes off. So, the trick is getting her to stay around long enough to catch her.

I finally caught a Sableye. Sableye knows an attack called Mean Look. Mean Look is a look so scary, that it freezes pokemon in their tracks; they can't escape. But still, Latias is so fast she takes off before I can have Sableye strike with Mean Look. Ergo, I must give Sableye the Quick Claw. The Quick Claw is a hold item that gives a pokemon first strike in a battle. I can hit Latias before she leaves.

Plus, I've still got my good ol' Wobbafet. Wobbafet's special abillity is Shadow Tag. This keeps pokemon from fleeing. But, this one is only good while Wobbafet is on the field. The good thing about that is Wobbafet only knows defensive moves. Wobbafet can sit there, take whatever punishment Latias dishes out, and just wear down Latias.

And, there's Tropius. Tropius knows the move Sweet Scent. You use this move in a grassy area, and the wild pokemon come running to you. So, when I go to an area that Latias is currently in, I can just hole up in a grassy field, and unleash Sweet Scent over and over until Latias comes to me; no need to run around in the fields trying to flush her out.

So, here's my ultimate strategy. Once Latias is my area, I park it and have Tropius use Sweet Scent over and over until Latias comes to me. I have Wobbafet in the front of my line up, and do what I can to wear down Latias. Then, once Wobbafet is so weak I pull him out, I then move down to Sableye. Hopefully, between the length of the battle and Sableye's Quick Claw, Sableye will be able to use Mean Look and freeze Latias in her tracks. That way, I can start unleashing my big guns: Sceptile, Seviper, Aggron. Now, it's the same strategy I used to catch the Regi: stretch out the battle for as long as I can, and then start hurling out the Timer Balls. If it's the same with the Regi, then three timer balls out to be enough to catch Latias.

I explained this all to my mother tonight, and she said, "Why can't you put this kind of effort into catching a girlfriend?"

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