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Saturday, October 30, 2004

So, for class yesterday, I acutally wore a Halloween costume. I love the fact that most of the class actually got that I was Tuxedo Mask. (Or, as the big sports nut in class said, "You're that dude from Sailor Moon who chucks roses at people! Not that I watch that show or anything....") I was so afraid that it was such a hardcore geek thing that I'd spend the whole day explaining it to people. But they got it. Sweet!

Anywho, I'm here today to offer up my thoughts on Borderland, last night's episode of Enterprise. This is the one that every Trekkie is hoping will turn the show around. This is the one where the new guy in charge, Manny Coto, proves his worth. This is the start of the massive 3-episode arc with Brent Spiner.

A group of humans hijacks a Klingon Bird-of-Prey and kills the crew. The Klingons are now threatening war with Earth. DNA analysis shows that the humans were "augments," or genetically-enhanced humans from the Eugenics Wars. The investigation leads us to Dr. Arik Soong (Spiner). Soong has always been a very outspoken advocate of genetic enhancements. 20 years ago, he stole several frozen embryos left over from the Eugenics Wars and raised them as his children. He was caught and imprisoned for his genetic crimes, but his "children" were never found. Now, Capt. Archer and the Enterprise is being sent out to apprehend these renegade augments. Naturally, they take Soong along. Throw in a few scuffles with the Orions, a few gratuitious shots of the infamous Orion slave girls, and we're off on the start of a 3-parter.

Wow. They really are throwing in everything and the kitchen sink with this 3-parter. Quick recap: Klingons, Orion slave girls, genetically enhanced humans, and Data.

Spiner does seem to be going a little over-the-top as evil genius Dr. Soong. Although, I love how his character is introduced. Banned from using computers, he's in his cell writing page after page after page. We later learn that he's drawing out DNA sequences; still consumed with his work despite his imprisonment.

WWE superstar Big Show is also wonderfully hammy as an Orion slave trader. The way he hoists T'Pol over his shoulder and carries her around like she's a rag doll is just hilarious. And J.G. Hertzler, best known as General Martok on DS9, does a great little cameo as the doomed Klingon captain.

What can I say? It was great seeing Orions again. (One of the big questions of Enterprise has always been "When are we going to see the Orions?") The augments can now do all kinds of Matrix-style kung fu (that would be the aforementioned kitchen sink), but they dress like rejects from a Mad Max movie. And the whole concept of the Eugenics Wars is something that I'm glad they're finally acknowleging.


Can't shake the feeling that I've seen it all before. The scenes where Archer's trying to save his capture crew seemed far too reminiscient of the pilot episode. And seeing as to how it took up a good half of the episode....

Right now, the creators are on that border between "something really cool" and "trying too hard." A gentle wind could push it either way. And something tells me that gentle wind will kick up in part 2.

Next Issue...The Battle Continues

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