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Thursday, October 21, 2004

I'm stupid. Stupid stupid stupid.

I gave up a free screening of Ghost in the Shell 2 today to go to school.

Which was a good thing, because 7 kids in my class didn't show. And since there's only 11 of us, that means valiant program director me had to fill in for 7 jobs.

I'm going to kill people.

In other happier news, I'm being audited by Revenue Canada. Got a letter from them today. When I was in Japan, I had to fill out a form saying I was in Japan so I wouldn't have to pay taxes on the money I made in Japan. Today, I got a ltter from Revenue Canada saying, "We were taking a second look at that form, and it says that you were paying Japanese taxes on the money you made in Canada. So, we'd like our share of the money you made in Japan."

I think that's what it says. The letter has a lot of legal speak.

I wish I died in my car accident on Monday.

Next Issue...Slit Wrists

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