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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

OK, I'm doing some prep for my radio show in 45 minutes. Right now, I'm going through the News Wire and looking at the daily post labeled "Cooler Copy." I love these because these are the weird stories that usually end a radio newscast. Let's cut and past a couple....

The Cirque du soleil has paid 26-hundred dollars for what is believed to be the last surviving hotdog from the Montreal Expos era.

A Quebec radio station (Energie 102 FM) says the Montreal-based circus's winning bid is about 700 times the original purchase price of the steamed wiener on a plain white bun.

The radio station held a contest last month giving away four tickets to the last Expos game in Montreal September 29th.

The winner was given the tickets on condition he return with the last Expos hotdog.

The radio station got a local expert in plastics and plaster to dry and varnish the bun and make an exact replica of the wiener.

The original wiener is in a hermetically sealed package, floating in a stew of preservatives to ensure it survives.

Proceeds from the sale are being donated to a charity dedicated to buying Christmas gifts for underprivileged children.

The Expos played their last game in Montreal in September after 36 years.

The team is expected to begin play in Washington next year.

Diners at The Vineyard, in Bentonville, Arkansas, can distance themselves from the din of cellphone chatter.

The restaurant has designated a ``No-Cellphone'' area, after customers who complained about listening to conversations from adjacent tables.

If someone receives a call while in the cell-free area, they are asked to go outside or into the other area
Let's rattle off some of the new DVD releases:

VAN HELSING (Universal) Stephen Sommers’ latest revival of Universal monsters tries too hard to be a video game come to life, but is nonetheless a fun time-waster. Fullscreen and widescreen editions come with two commentraks, X-Box game preview and featurettes. A widescreen "ultimate collector’s edition" adds a second disc with even more extras, plus a third disc with bonus features FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA and THE WOLF MAN!

ED WOOD (Buena Vista) Tim Burton’s joyously eccentric flick about Hollywood’s strangest filmmaker, with great performances from Johnny Depp in the lead and Martin Landeau as Bela Lugosi. Includes commentrak, deleted scenes, featurettes and more. Special edition set for earlier this year, but delayed until now. Those who snagged the silver-spined original batch that leaked out should hold on to these collectors items.

GODZILLA VS. GIGAN (Columbia TriStar) Godzilla meets an alien cyborg beast.
(O) GODZILLA VS. HEDORAH (Columbia TriStar) Godzilla meets a deadly smog monster.
(O) GODZILLA VS. MECHAGODZILLA (Columbia TriStar) Godzilla meets his bionic double. These three movies full of dumb fun from Godzilla’s ‘70s superhero period are available separately or as part of 3-, 5-, and 7-disc sets with previously released CTHE Godzilla DVD titles.

HELLBOY (Columbia TriStar) Three-disc set includes a 20-minute-longer director’s cut, new director commentrak, and lots more. Also available in a gift set with a Hellboy action figure.

SPECIES (MGM) Sexy Natasha Henstridge is actually an alien monster created from extraterrestrial DNA! She wants to mate with you – then kill you! Includes two commentraks and featurettes.

UNIVERSAL SOLDIER (Lions Gate/Artisan) Heroic zombie cyborg Jean-Claude Van Damme fights evil zombie cyborg Dolph Lundgren. Special edition includes commentrak, alternate ending, featurettes, interviews and more.

And, just for us Canadians...CORNER GAS: SEASON ONE. Can't find any bonus material listings.
What's wrong with society this week is poor highway maintenance.

Review Enterprise: Strom Front part 2. A very Quantum Leap-ish ending. And, while it was cool to see Enterprise flying over New York shooting down Nazi fighters, it was also very, very cheesy.

That should do!

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