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Saturday, October 23, 2004

I caught Latias.

I have no idea what to do now in Pokemon. I figure I'll focus on growth and evolution. I literally have dozens of pokemon that I caught and did nothing with. I may as well go through them now, train them up to be stronger, and evolve them into their final forms.

Although, I did catch a Bagon. I wanted that one because it evolves into a kick-ass dragon-type called Salamance. Gotta have one!

In other news...I just read about Kevin Smith's next project. Smith will be doing a 3-episode guest shot on the Canadian TV show Degrassi: The Next Generation.

See, Smith is a huge fan of Degrassi Junior High. He managed to slip references to it in a few of his films. For example, in Mallrats, Rene is wearing a Degrassi High jacket. In Chasing Amy, Banky says that he has to get home to catch Degrassi. Holden asks him way he loves that show so much, to which Banky replies that he has a thing for women who say "aboot."

So, when Degrassi: The Next Generation came about, the creators were always trying to get Smith involved somehow. The almost got Smith to write and/or direct a few episodes, but to have an American in such a prominent job on the show would have cost Degrassi its Canadian government funding. After months of negotiations and figuring out the Cancon laws, they finally discovered it was OK for Smith to be a guest star.

Hence, a Smith trilogy on Degrassi. The premise is: Smith is playing himself, and he's come to Toronto and Degrassi High to film his latest movie, Jay and Silent Bob go to Canada. The premise of Jay and Silent Bob go to Canada is Jay and Silent Bob never finished high school, and no American school will take them, so they wind up in Canada to finish high school and get their diplomas.

And yes, Jason Mewes will be in it, too.

The start filming this trilogy soon, and it should air in January.

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