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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Gallileo was near-blind at the time of death. This happened because he kept staring at the sun through his telescope in an effort to learn more about it. I think about this every morning as I drive to school and the rising sun comes over the horizon and blinds me for the final half-hour of my drive.

I've really got to step up my search for a place in the city. Not only because of the sun issue, but also because, if I get here any later than 8:15, a parking spot becomes really difficult to find. Right now, I'm hoping that my car doesn't suffer major damage because I parked in an incredibly tight spot and was awful close to that big green pick up truck with, "Alberta Red Neck and Proud Of It!" printed across his back window. Last thing I really need is to come out of my final class and see the driver there, wanting to "learn me some manners."

That happened to me one time working at Extra Foods. I was running late, and the only parking spot was a very tight one, right up close to a minivan. At the end of my shift, there's an angry note on my windshield: "HOW DARE YOU PARK SO CLOSE TO MY VAN! I WAS IN A RUSH! HOW THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSED TO GET ALL MY GROCERIES IN WITH YOU HAVING PARKED SO CLOSE? AND I HAVE A BABY, TOO, YOU BASTARD! NEVER DO THIS AGAIN!" I just always smile at the irony that, if I didn't do that, that same guy would have probably complained to the supervisor about the lack of cashiers on duty. But, the supervisor wouldn't have been there, because I would have been looking for a parking spot. But I digress.

A place I must find. But it's tough I live so far out of town! After the hour-and-a-half commute, I tend to fall asleep on the couch, get up, do my homework, then go back to sleep. But still, it must be done. And it will be done because I will do it.

Next Issue...I hear banjos, and I don't know why.

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