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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Greetings from the NAIT computer commons! I had my orientation this morning, and then they gave us the afternoon to "explore the campus." Naturally, I explored my way to some lunch, then thought I'd check my e-mail. Actually, this is good. It's helping to numb that part of my brain that's saying I made a horrible, horrible, mistake.

Actually, right now, I'm going goofy trying to get news out of Kumagaya. Apparently, one of the foreign teachers at my old place of work snapped and quit. I found out when a former student e-mailed me the other day. She just casually ended her message with, "Oh, and the substitute teacher leaves this week and we get our new foreign teacher." I REALLY want to know who snapped and quit. The vindictive part of me is really, really, really hoping it was my successor.

And in very happy news.... When I was in Japan, I watched this anime called Tokyo Mew Mew. It was the cutest Sailor Moon rip-off you ever did see. It was on every Saturday morning, and I'd always watch it before I went to work. And, as with most Japanese cartoons, it had one of the bounciest, most fun closing credits themes you ever did hear. On really great Saturdays, it would bounce around in my head all day. Average Saturdays, it would bounce around until lunchtime. Bad Saturdays, it was gone after the 5 minute meeting. Anyway, last night, after months of searching on Kazaa, I finally found the MP3 for the closing credits theme. I finally found out the title of it, too. "Koi Wa a la Mode." When I reflect on my time in Japan, it is the theme song. I just love it so!

Sadly, Tokyo Mew Mew hasn't come out on DVD here in North America yet. Last time I was in Comic King, I saw the manga is starting to come out, so I should pick it up. *sigh* I can't believe I left Japan without buying the soundtrack album. I must have seen it on store shelves a dozen times. I did, however, pick up some of the action figures for my collection.

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