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Monday, September 08, 2003

WOO! Just watch the big, two-part episode of Justice League entitled Twilight. My God, that was a cool episode. I don't know, there's just something cool about seeing Superman consumed by anger, driven by vengeance, and willing to kill the Batman who gets in his way. And little touches, like, when trying to talk Superman down from his figurative ledge, Batman calls Superman "Kent." (I think the first time since Justice League's premiere that Batman called Superman by his true name.) And, at the end, when Batman tries to point out that Superman's vengeance was probably satisfied anyway, to which Superman angrily replies, "Hey, you know what, Bruce? You're not always right." Or, when they resurrect Superman's theme from the Superman cartoon. It underscores Superman's almost chilly assertion that he won't stop until Darkseid is no more than "a greasy smear on [his] fist."

See, that's another thing that made it cool. They picked up all these loose threads that were left dangling from the end of the Superman cartoon. Oh, man, when the next Justice League DVD comes out, I hope they put on this episode.

And now, that leads into the latest animated offering from the DC Universe, the all-new Teen Titans cartoon. I'm not sure about this one. It is the first, balls-out attempt by an American studio to rip-off the Japanese anime style. It all follows anime-style art sensibilites. It features characters with overexagerated facial expressions to show extreme emotions. It takes the artistic touches like drawing a question mark over a characters head when he/she is inquisitive. But...it doesn't really work. It's like they still fail to grasp the timing. They still don't get what makes anime anime. It's more cute than cool. Oh, well.

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