Just forget the words and sing along

Thursday, September 25, 2003

So, let's see here. Trouble just announced to me that she's going to China. Mr. Anderson is on his fabulous cycling trip across Japan, with a brief stop over in Thailand, before making a home in Vancouver as he plots the next country he wants to go to. And I'm pissing around in school at the ripe old age of 26. Which of these three doesn't belong?

In other news today, I failed one of my first big tests in the broadcasting program. Apparently, I don't have a great enough lung capacity to be a broadcaster. And I'm starting to get a reputaion among my classmates. I'm the guy who does voices. Just when I was sliding back into my traditional role of the quiet, moody one.

I knew from day one I was going to fail out of this program. But, I'll keep soldiering on for now, because, as the entire population of the world tells me, "What will you do instead? Get a job? Ha!" The needs of the many....

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