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Saturday, September 20, 2003

Well, it seems that the laptop is fixed...for now. I took it back to Future Shop today, and they hit in the right spot to get it to turn on and then showed me where to hit it. Everything is backed up, and it seems that things are safe...for now.

To cheer myself up, I also went to Comic King and picked up the latest issue of ToyFare. There's an exceptionally good installment of Twisted ToyFare Theatre this month: Crisis in Infinite Megovilles. When Aunt May starts playing with the Infinity Gauntlet, Spider-Man and the Watcher must recruit heroes from all of the universes! Here's some of the highlights:

Next up, the Ultraverse!
Watcher>> Greetings! I am the Watcher, the all-knowing, all-see...uh, who are you guys again?
Lord Pumpkin>> Hail to you my fellow Marvel characters! I'm Lord Pumpkin!
Sludge>> Call me Sludge
Brian Michael Bendis>> I'm Wizard fan award winner Brain Michael Bendis! The cabbie was supposed to let me off at the ULTIMATE universe, but I got dumped here. I'll pay you $20 to take me with you!

The Star Wars Universe
Xixor>> I AM PRINCE XIXOR! Welcome to this galaxy far, far away....
Spider-Man>> What? Who are you guys? Where's Chewbacca?
Grand Admiral Thrawn>> This is the Star Wars EXPANDED Universe, where imagination is the only limit and no one at Lucasfilm gives a poop.

The Dark Horse Universe
Usagi Yojimbo>> Man, I used to be the most Japanese thing about this place - until those manga goons showed up.

Next Issue...I summarize G.I. Joe and the Transformers

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