Just forget the words and sing along

Monday, September 22, 2003

So, what's in the news this morning? The debate over the legalization of gay marriage continues. There was a huge anti-gay marriage rally on the front steps of the Alberta Legeslature, and pro-protesters showed up to prtoest the anti rally. There were some scuffles, but nothing requiring riot gear and tear gas. Just a push here and a shove there....

But still, this gets me thinking. True, I'm still pro, but I can't help but think the anti people are doing it all wrong. I mean, the pro-people are waving around their rainbow flags, dancing to tunes, and making out with each other. The anti-people are wearing conservative suits, waving bibles in the air and falling to their knees and praying. Which side would you rather be on?

So, I'm proposing that the anti-gay marriage groups lighten up their image. I mean, to all the men in the crowd, do you make out with women because you like it, or simply because the bible tells you to? I'm guessing you like it. So, there you go! Bring your wives and husbands to these rallies! Make out with each other on the steps of the Legeslature! You keep saying that you do this to protect the sanctity of the family. So, bring the kids along! Make this a family affair! Show them that the love between a man and a woman can be fun! You're already starting. The media doesn't call you "anti-gay marriage" any more but "pro-traditional marriage." Focus on the positives, folks, not the negatives.

Next Issue...Scarecrow in love...with a woman!

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