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Sunday, September 28, 2003

I've been watching a lot of Shadow Raiders lately. I still think that's one of the best cartoons ever made. Hell, Mainframe did a bunch of ReBoot TV movies to continue the saga. What would it take for a few Shadow Raiders TV movies to be made? I just always liked the idea of the Alliance, with the threat of the Beast Planet behind them, settling down, but suddenly, external forces threaten to plunge them back into war and the question is asked: with no common enemy to unify them, can they remain unified? Naturally, the answer is yes, and with the threat of civil war averted, they try to enjoy the lasting peace. But, then, one day, a strange visitor crash lands on one of the planets, and his dying words: "The Beast..." thus setting up TV movie #2.

I also see that, following the success of their Transformers boxed sets, Kid Rhino has just released Beast Wars: The Complete First Season. I would love to get that! Yeah, I grew up with Transformers and all that, but I've just become more of a computer animation junkie in my old age. So, put that on my Christmas list!

Now if someone would only release the season-by-season boxed sets of ReBoot, I'd be a happy man.

And how's this for twists of fate? Coming out on Tuesday is The Tick: The Complete Series. This DVD contains every episode of the short-lived live-action TV version of The Tick. The other day, as I was digging through boxes of stuff, I found a video tape labeled "The Tick for Yves and Mr. Anderson." See, The Tick made its premiere shortly before they left for Japan, and was canceled shortly before I left. I promised that I'd tape every episode for them, and I managed to. I never got around to mailing the tape to them before I left. But now, with the DVD coming out on Tuesday and with Yves and Mr. Anderson coming home in December...screw the tape. I think I'll just give them the DVD for Christmas.

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