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Sunday, September 28, 2003

Well, folks, the core of my frustration over my laptop's faults tended to revolve around this week's column. Ideally, this would have been finished and uploaded 5 months ago, but I was only able to finally to finish it one month ago, during the first weekend when we thought my laptop was fixed, and I was finally able to recover it last weekend, which was the second weekend we thought my laptop was fixed. Anyway, at long last, YOU GET TO READ IT! It's entitled Don't Panic 2: The Female Buddha, and here's a sample:

"Kumagaya sits on the Takasaki line. At the end of this line lies the city of Takasaki. I’ve always been curious about this city. What is the final destination? What things await a person at the end of the line? I’d quite frequently ask my coworkers and students, but they all told me the same thing. “Don’t bother, Mark, there’s nothing there.” One who had never even set foot in that direction described it simply as “a bigger Kumagaya.” So, it seemed like there was little point in going. Until, one fateful day, when I met a Takasakian. (Now, this isn’t a big romantic tale, sadly, although it does involve a boy and a girl.)"

Read it all!

Of course, this 3-column epic is a sequel to one that I wrote a year ago entitled Don't Panic. I, personally, think it's one of my best, so feel free to go into the "Scarecrow Goes to Japan" archive and read Don't Panic!

Next issue...My Tummy Hurts.

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