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Friday, September 12, 2003

So, as I'm sure you all know, I think that EZ-D is one of the stupidest ideas ever. (If you're just tuning in, EZ-D is a new disposable DVD. Once you open the package, you have just 48 hours to watch it. After that, the disc oxidizes and becomes unreadable to most DVD players.) I'm digging up more info on it, and I find the official EZ-D website. Here's a snippet from their FAQ:

"Where will EZ-Ds™ be sold?

EZ-Ds™ can be sold almost anywhere, such as grocery, mass, electronics, clubs, drugstores, convenience stores and gas stations."

Did I read that right? EZ-Ds will be sold at mass? EZ-DS WILL BE SOLD AT MASS?? They want to see these things in church! Sheesh!

and let me remind you one last time, EZ-D is brought to you by Buena Vista Home Entertainment, a subsidiary of the Walt Disney Corporation, in an effort to put video rental stores out of business.

Next issue...Watch, as the heroic SCARECROW burns all of his Disney DVDs in protest.

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