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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Don't you hate it when your friends accidentally hit a nerve?

I was reading my morning movie news, and I stumbled upon a very negative, very spoiler filled review of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Now, I read the description of the review, and people are openly mocking this review. It was written by an obsessive fan who went through the book line-by-line, watched the movie, and just went insane with rage. Most of his critisisms, though, are along the lines of, "Oh, I can't believe they changed three words in this one dialogue! Argh! That really ruins the film!" Ultra-obsessive fanboy poop like that.

Anyway, I was sharing this with my friend Trouble, with which whom I am planning on seeing Hitchhiker's Guide as soon as it came out. I openly mused aloud as to weather I should read this review. "Well," she said, "seeing as to how you have never read the books, I would have to say no. And, because I have read the books, I can say right away that this movie is going to be bad."


Here comes the rant.


Bought them as I was leaving the country. Read them in Japan. Read the first one twice. And because of the industry I'm in, I'm dying to hear the original BBC radio play that started the whole thing. I'm greatly looking forward to the movie. I'm what you'd call a "casual fan."

And, what upsets me the most, are all these people who are ready to hate it, just because they don't think it can properly be translated to the big screen.

Look, I'm sorry, but that's the nature of the medium. In order to get it on the big screen, they have to cut stuff. They have to change stuff. They have to hire Tom Cruise to star instead of that dreamboat you've spawned from your own imagination. IT HAS TO HAPPEN.

GIVE IT A CHANCE, PEOPLE!! Who knows? This new interpretation may add a different perspective you never thought of. The new material in the film - which was added by creator Douglas Adams before he passed away, by the way - may actually ENHANCE the story! GIVE IT A FREAKING CHANCE!! Don't go through the book line-by-line and tear it apart because they omitted a word. We came to like organic webshooters. We didn't cry at the loss of Tom Bombadil. GIVE THE FILM A CHANCE!!!

Although, I am kind of upset that they changed the beginning.

But this new beginning is being positivly received.

But we're losing sight of the important fact.


And in news of that other big sci-fi film coming....

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith has officially been given a PG-13 rating. Leave the young-uns at home! It's the most violent and darkest Star Wars ever!!

And I now know far more about it than I wanted to, having given into temptation and leafed through issue #1 of the comic adaptation when I glimpsed it on the newsstand.

Today's trivial triva gotten from reading Wikipedia:

The average woman owns 6 bras, one of which is strapless, and one of which is a colour other than white.

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