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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I'm really going to miss that free movie pass from work.

Borrowed it tonight to watch what'll most likely be the last movie I use it for: Sin City.




That movie was..where to begin? It was so over the top! With the gore and the violence and the hookers wearing nothing but very little black leather going nuts with machine guns.... But the dialogue especially! It was about 2 steps away from being cheezy.

Don't get me wrong. I say that in the highest respect. It rocked my feeble clerk world.

I thought it was a very good movie. Although, I am wondering now. What did Frank Miller do first: Sin City or Batman: The Dark Knight Returns? When Hartigan (Bruce Willis) constantly curses himself and calls himself a "foolish old man," it reminded me of the 50+ Batman. Oh, well. That's just one of two minor quibbles.

The second one is I'm not quite a fan of this "digital backlot" concept yet. In case you didn't know, not one set was built for Sin City. All the backgrounds were rendered in computers. And it all looked a little too clean and computerized in some places.

Other than that, I loved it!

3 nibs.

Hey, did you know this? The Royal Canadian Mint released a special Terry Fox commemorative loonie back on Monday. The first time ever a Canadian has been on a Canadian coin. Watch your pocket change!

Oh, and if you like, you can swing by The Royal Canadian Mint Website and order a free collector's card to display your Terry Fox loonie when you get one.

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