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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Had a bit of an epiphany tonight.

I took that nice, big new comic book box that I bought yesterday, and I went down to my room and started boxing up all my old comics and ToyFares. Granted, the problem wasn't as big as I thought and it finally resulted to doing little more than consolidating three boxes and two piles into one box. But still, I felt like I accomplished something.

And while I was doing it, I was doing an informal survey of my room. In my long months of unemployment ahead, I'm hoping to finally do a major cleaning of my room. I've got crap I've been hanging onto since I was 8 years old, and I think some of it can go now. But my eyes kept going back to my closet, which is so overflowing that I've barely got room to hang my clothes. And I instantly looked to what takes up the most room in my closet.

6 pristine white bankers boxes, containing every note I took in every class in university.

As I looked at those boxes, I finally asked a question I've dared not ask for the past 6 years.

"Why the hell am I keeping these?"

Granted, when I first boxed them up six years ago, it seemed like a good idea. Who knows? I just may have scribbled the secrets to the universe in the margin of my notes for Dr. Hackborn's History of Physics class. I may need to look it up some day.

But it's six years later. My career in physics never materialized. Why o why do I still have these?

I guess I just take after my father. He finally got around to trashing his univeristy notes 5 years ago.

The other thing taking up all the room in my closet is my old computer. I'm still baffled by what to do with that. I know it's 8 years old, which is ancient in computer terms, but I did spend $1500 in 1997 dollars for it. Still seems like a lot of money to just toss it in the dump.

I should do some research. There's gotta be some kind of charity that takes old computers to ship to third world countries or something.

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