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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Episode Review.

Star Trek: Enterprise

In a Mirror Darkly, pt. 1


It was a veritable love-fest to the original series. So full of kick-ass references, from a Tholian web to the climax with a Constitution-class starship.

In case you haven't been following, this episode is a return to Star Trek's beloved Mirror universe; a parallel universe populated by all our evil twins.

In this episode, Commander Archer (yup, he's only the first officer) leads a mutiny against Captain Forrest and takes command of the evil Enterprise. Archer has learned from a Tholian slave that the Tholians have captured an Earth ship, from the future AND a parallel universe. Now in command of Enterprise, evil Captain Archer sets a course for the heart of Tholian space to capture this ship....

What I liked:

The opening sequence. We flashback to the events of Star Trek: First Contanct, when First Contact is made. Rather than shaking hands with the Vulcan captain, evil Zephram Cochrane whips out a shotgun and blows away the Vulcan captain, and then proceeds to loot the Vulcan ship.

Evil Hoshi, who is "the captian's woman," meaning she spend the whole episode slinking around in one of those black baby-doll nightgown thingies.

Evil female uniforms have bare midriffs.

Horribly scarred evil Trip. He even modified his Southern accent slightly. Instead of a "Southern gentleman" southern accent, we get a "wife-beating trailer trash" southern accent.

Tholians. We finally see a full-bodied Tholian. CGI rocks.

The Tholian web. Their trademark weapon makes a return appearance. Did I mention CGI rocks?

The climax on board the Defiant.

It rocked it rocked it rocked.

Bring on pt. 2!!!

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