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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Second last day of the practicum, and slow as ever. Doing the mindless surfing to pass the time.

I find it almost frustrating that there are all these websites that say, "Send your friend a postcard!" only to find that it's one of those e-postcards. Wouldn't that be cool if there were websites where you actually could send a real postcard? Enter your friend's address and what you want the postcard to say, and your friend gets the postcard in a week! That would be cool. It is my mission to make that website.

I'm also reading about the saga of Dublin Dr Pepper. As you all know, my most favourite of fizzy, teeth-rotting beverages is Dr Pepper, and I've heard about this for a while now but have now finally found the truth.

See, back in the 60s, Dr Pepper decided to change the recepie. They switched the sweetener from cane sugar to much cheaper corn syrup. Purely an economical choice. Anyway, the Dr Pepper plant in Dublin, Texas flat-out refused to do this, and continued using their old equipment that used cane sugar.

Flash forward 40 years, and we see that "Dublin Dr Pepper" is the only Dr Pepper in the world still made according to the original recipie. That is, they still use can sugar. Dublin Dr Pepper used to be available only in a 40 mile radius around Dublin, Texas and only in glass bottles. But now, it is starting to use plastic bottles and is starting to find its way across the USA.

Dublin Dr Pepper is marketed as a kind of specialty Dr Pepper. They've got their own special website (Dublin Dr Pepper.com), where you can buy a case over the Internet.

They don't ship to Canada, though.

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