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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

I will admit, I'm kind of going to miss having the nation's largest air force base for a next door neighbour. Right now, I can hear the engines on the CF-18s revving up. And it is *LOUD*. And the base has to be a good 3 km away.

While on my evening walk, I had to stop in and browse through a liquor store. Yes, you heard me right. Even though I don't drink, liquor stores fascinate me so. The different shaped bottles...the mutli-coloured fluids...fascinating. For about 5 years now I've been wanting to write a column about this fascination. I've even got a perfect quote to start it off. It's from the Dahli Lama: "I go to shopping centres in the way that people go to museums." That's me and liquor stores.

Anyway, this column idea is on the top of my short list of "columns I'm not going to write unless I know that the finished product will be really, really good." But, silly me. I keep thinking I need to be on a hot streak of brilliant creative energy for it to be good, hence the five year wait. But the reality is I just need to carefully plan it out and do multiple drafts - writing techniques I abandoned in university.

On my evening walk, I even stopped in at the local department stores. The onslaught of Episode III merchandise is in full swing. They just put out the Episode III board games. You can now play Star Wars Risk, where the countries are replaced with Star Wars planets and the armies are now made of Clone Troopers, Jedi Knights, and Battle Droids.

And, there's always Star Wars Monopoly. Yes, they already made that, but this version is new and different. The original version only stuck to the original trilogy. This new version features elements from all 6 films.

I wish I had more friends who lived closer. I miss playing board games.

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