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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Had a sub at Mr. Sub the other day. I really should eat at Mr. Sub more than Subway. Buy Canadian and all that. Besides, after reading the book Fast Food Nation and learning about Subway's business practices, doesn't sound like the kind of place a guy should eat.

Anyway, Mr. Sub rocks. It IS purely Canadian, right down to the maple glazed ham and Montreal-style corned beef.

But I'm straying off topic.

At Mr. Sub, you can get a cup of soup under the cute name "Mrs. Soup." So...I started wondering. How does Mr. Soup feel abou this? His wife, fooling around with Mr. Sub? This could turn into the Jerry Springer Show of fast food outlets.

I say right now we start a petition to get Mr. Sub to dump Mrs. Soup and hook-up with the single and free-spirited Ms. Soup.

Unless Mr. Sub and Mrs. Soup ARE married, and Mrs. Soup simply kept her name.

I need more info.

Hey! Speak of the devil, it's the official Mr. Sub website!

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