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Thursday, April 07, 2005

How come I knew this was going to happen?

Last week, 20th Century Fox released one of my most-anticipated DVDs:
The Lone Gunmen: the Complete Series. But, as I ran around to
all of Cold Lake's DVD retailers, no one had it. I shrugged my
shoulders in disgust and bought it online.

Anyway, here we are, 10 days later. I'm wandering about the town on
my evening constitutional, when I pop in to one of Cold Lake's
department stores. And what's finally on the shelf but The Lone
Gunmen: the Complete Series

And for significantly less than what I paid online.

It should be arriving in the mail tomorrow

Just did my annual ritual that always brings a tear to my eye.

I deleted my old e-mail.

Yup, I'm a horrible pacrat. Any e-mail you send me, I'll hold on to
it for about a year. Then, every spring, I sit down and I delete
everything. In fact, I haven't done it since I got this laptop in
November 2003, so I was about six months overdue.

I don't delete everything, though. I still get the occasional one
that's rather emotional and worthy of saving, so I save it to a
special directory on my hard drive. It's the digital equivalent of a
shoebox under the bed. That shoebox is getting quite full, actually.
Yves (that would be my best friend's
girl) sent me one 5 years ago that still makes me cry.

But anyway, let's talk about my best
. I think I've mused aloud many times before how I'm just
plain flabbergasted at how he puts up with me. I mean, reviewing a
year's worth of e-mail I sent to him...it's a lot of angst-ridden,
over-emotional junior high shit that I should have outgrown a long
time ago. And I'm sure it was *very* important when I wrote it and
sent it. But as I review it...god, what was I on?

I still had his very last text messages from when he was cycling
across Japan. Why did I hang onto that for so long? "I see Tokyo
Tower on the horizon! My odomoter says 1200-km! I did it!"

but I really liked the more recent ones from him. See, he's an
artist. And, when he stumbles across something artistic he likes,
he'll bury himself in it, learn all there is to learn about it, and
eventually walk away saying, "I can do that too." And he will do it.
And it will be the best damn thing that field of art has ever seen.

When it comes to artistic endeavours, he's just so damn good at
everything he does, because he takes the time to learn everything
about what he's doing.

Now, here I am, in radio, and doing some audio production. It's got
to be the first time that I've found an artistic medium where I know
more than him. I don't know a lot more than him, but for the time
being, it's enough. And I try not to get cocky, because I know that
if he ever got serious about it, he'd learn Adobe Audition inside out
and backwards and give me a run for my money. But that day has not
come yet.

So, until that day, I enjoy sending him some of my latest audio works
to get an outsider's opinion. I really enjoyed doing it in school
last semester, when I was free to experiment and try crazy stuff.

And I always, always, ALWAYS smile when my best friend - the guy who
knows damn near everything about everything artistic - uses
superlatives to describe MY works.

And that smile sticks around for a week when he asks, "How did you do that?"

Those go in the digital shoebox.

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