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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Mr. Anderson told me once that we all have slight hints of personality disorders. Apparently, it's on a scale of one to 10. When you pass 6, that's when it becomes a problem.

I guess this explains my need to list and organize things.

Red/ Blue – The original games that started the phenomenon. You wander through the region of Kanto, trying to catch all the pokémon and battling your way to become the pokémon league champion. The big gimmick was that, although there were 150 pokemon, each game only had about 140. You want the remaining 10? Find someone with the other colour edition and trade.

Yellow – A special edition of Red/Blue. They added some new bells and whistles, and re-adjusted the game’s plot to more resemble the cartoon. Now, Pikachu is the pokémon you start your quest with, and Team Rocket occasionally shows up to be a pest. And, again, there’s only 140 pokemon in the game, so if you want the remaining 10, you’ve got trade with your friends you own Red and Blue.

Gold/ Silver – Nintendo introduced a new handheld system (GameBoy Color), meaning new pokémon games! Now, you continue your quest in the region of Johto, capturing all the pokémon to become Johto League Champion. 100 new pokémon were added, and again, only 90 are in the game. You get the other 10 by trading with your friend who’s got the other color. And, it was compatable with Red and Blue, meaning you can transfer over your 150 original pokémon, and get all 250!

Crystal – The “yellow” for the Gold and Silver set. Again, the plot of the Johto league games was updated to add more bells and whistles. The big new change? When you start the game, you select the gender of your on-screen counterpart. Now, female pokémon players no longer had to be transvestites! Boys can be boys and girls can be girls, and the boys are grateful for it.

Ruby/ Sapphire – New system (GameBoy Advance) means more new pokémon games! 100 new pokémon…now we’re in the region of Hoenn. Besides the usual gimmick of having to trade, the game also introdueced the pokémon beauty contest for those who don’t want to battle. Sadly, though, it wasn’t compatible with the older games, meaning you were starting fresh.

FireRed/LeafGreen – A lot of people didn’t like that they couldn’t transfer their old pokémon over to Ruby/Sapphire, so here was Nintendo’s solution. FireRed and LeafGreen are the original Red and Blue, only completely re-made and updated for the GameBoy Advance. Besides just remaking the originals, they also added all the new bells and whistles from the past few years (like being able to play as a girl). Fully compatible with Ruby and Sapphire. Oh, and as another gimmick, Nintendo bundled the new wireless multiplayer adaptor for Game Boy Advance with this.

Emerald – The “yellow/crystal” for the Ruby and Sapphire set. New bells and whistles…a modified plot…will naturally be a big seller.

Diamond/Pearl (rumoured names) – New handheld system (Nintendo DS) means new editions! Not much is known yet, just that it’ll be out for Christmas 2005.

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