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Sunday, April 24, 2005

Hoo boy. Latest column's up! It's the long-awaited Meeting Totoro pt. 2: I Wish I Could Stay Forever:

" I can honestly say that the Studio Ghibli Museum was the most fulfilling museum experience I had in Japan. And, dare I say it? It was even more fun than Tokyo Disneyland. The Studio Ghibli Museum is an utterly fascinating place, full of nooks and crannies to be explored. I sincerely got the feeling that one day wasn’t enough. But oh…it was one of my happiest moments in Japan."

Read it all here!

Wow. It's a column that was one year in the making! And by "one year," I mean "putting it off for 50 weeks, then working furiously for the past 2 weeks as I finally got off my ass."

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