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Monday, April 25, 2005

Occasionally, something comes along that makes you question yourself and gender roles in society, making you think things you've never thought. Recently, this question was brought about by Seaspray.

When I was a kid, Seaspray was one of my favourite Transformers. A heroic Autobot, who turned into a hovercraft. According to his tech specs, he was fascinated by Earth's oceans, as there were nothing like them on Cybertron. So, thanks to this fascination, he was a staunch defender of all things marine biological. I think he's still kicking around somewhere, being saved from the exodus of toys I boxed up for long term storage in the garage.

But yeah, Seaspray was cool. He was one of the smaller Transformers, so he was pocket-sized. He went with me darn near everywhere for a whole summer.

Flash forward to the present day. I got lost in a department store once again, and once again found myself wandering down the girl's toys aisle. And to my surprise, Seaspray has been reborn...

...as a My Little Pony.

Seaspray the pony is a bright blue with a starfish on her rump. She's got bright blue hair with sparkles. According to her package, she just loves taking her friends for boat rides.


Needless to say, my world is in turmoil.

Today's trivial trivia from Wikipedia, cut and pasted straight from the webpage:

"Belonging to the same company, some My Little Ponies shared names with Transformers. For example Beachcomber and Zig Zag were both Ponies and Transformers characters. However, there obviously was no My Little Pony named Skullcruncher."

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