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Sunday, April 09, 2006

All the Latest Stuff is Up

Firstly, the latest episode of The Targ is now ready for download! This week is Episode 1: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches. I celebrate the simple things, and plays some Barenaked Ladies.

Listen to it!

Secondly, I've got my latest article up over in Chaos in Print. This week, I give you A Brief History of Entwistle:

"So, I was doing one of my nerd hobbies, which is looking at random articles at Wikipedia. And, last week, I was shocked - horrified really - to find that my hometown of Entwistle had no article, when Entwistle's longtime rival Evansburg had an entry. I spent my past week putting together a Wikipedia entry for Entwistle. I was just so proud of it, that I feel like sharing it here. Enjoy!"

Read it all!

And, as I mention above, I spent most of my free time this past week writing a Wikipedia entry on my beloved hometown of Entwistle, Alberta.

Find out everything you wanted to know about Entwistle!

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