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Monday, April 10, 2006

It Came Today

Ghostbusters: Original Motion Picture Score

The original motion picture score for Ghostbusters, composed by Elmer Bernstein. Never before released! (Although, my best friend swears up and down that he saw it for sale at Top 40 Music in the Duggan Mall about 15 years ago.)

Every note of background music composed for the 1984 classic. And all of it uncut! As it explains in the liner notes, once the score was finished and recorded, it was decided to pad the music of Ghostbusters with lots of rock and pop songs. So, a lot of the score wound up getting edited with a pop song, or dropped altogether in favour of a pop song. But it's all here, on CD, for the first time ever!

This was released by a record label called Varese Sarabande. Available only at their online store. Limited to 3000 copies.

To paraphrase Janine from the film: I GOT ONE!!

Just so you're familiar with the lingo: a film score is all the background music written for a movie. Lots of movies these days tend to have two albums released: the soundtrack and the score. The soundtrack is the collection of rock, pop, country, and whatever other genre of music was used in the film. The score is all the background music composed specifically for the movie.

If a film has no...shall we say, "mainstream music," then the score is released as the soundtrack. A good example of this is the Star Wars films.

Releasing both a soundtrack album and a score album is still a relativly new phenomenon, having only gained popularity in the last 10 years or so. The first film in my memory that did it was 1989's Batman. Indeed, on the DVD bonus material for Batman, composer Danny Elfman reveals that he reacted with shock when he was first told that his score would be released as a seperate album. "But they don't do that!" he said. And yet, they did.

To quote my father, "Now you're as smart as me."

Wow. Here's a sequel that they're making about 5 years too late.

It was announced today that, on May 15, filming begins on Bean 2, the latest big-screen adventure of Mr. Bean. The first film was "Mr. Bean goes to the USA." This one is "Mr. Bean goes to France." Bean has all kinds of adventures in the south of France, with the climax being Bean crashing the Cannes Film Festival.

Rowan Atkinson is, of course, back as Mr. Bean. And Atkinson also claims that this will be the last hurrah for the character.

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