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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Justice League/My Wikipedia Entry for Entwistle

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. The makers of Justice League Unlimited knew that this was going to be their last season, so they decided to just do all the cool stuff they wanted to do before things came to an end.

Tonight's episode, Grudge Match, is a perfect example. The supervillains need to raise cash. So what do they do? They use mind control technology to make female superheroes fight each other, and sell tickets.

Yup, you heard me right. The whole episode was superheroine catfights!

Although, there was a brief appearance by the Question and, as always, he had some of the best moments. The Huntress is talking to her boyfriend, the Question, on the phone....

Huntress>> So...what are you wearing?
Question>> Blue overcoat, blue fedora....
Huntress>> You stink at this.
Question>> ...wool socks....
(Huntress hangs up)

(Just so you know, a blue overcoat and a blue fedora are what the Question always wears.)

Oh, and I also loved that "blink and you'll miss it" cameo by Nightwing.

Almost done researching my Wikipedia entry for Entwistle. Here's a little bit for you. I wanted to get this down as a rough draft, anyway, so I may as well do it here.

"Entwistle vs. Old Entwistle."

One mile to the east of Entwistle lies the hamlet of Old Entwistle. Old Entwistle has a population of around 20. The citizens of Old Entwistle have always maintained that their hamlet is the original townsite of Entwistle. Usually, they offer up their hamlet's name as the only proof. Sadly, this is not the case.

When the railway was being built in 1909, the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway decided that, since Entwistle and Evansburg were so close to each other, that the two towns could share one train station. Evansburg was chosen to have the train station. The people of Entwistle were furious, and demanded their own train station.

The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway finally relented. The minimum distance they could put the Entwistle train station from the Evansburg train station was one mile east of Entwistle. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway put Entwistle's train station one mile east of the town, and proceeded to buy up all the land around the train station. The Grand Trunk Pacific Railway then put the land up for sale, advertising the land around the train station as being "the future site of Entwistle."

This land around the train station was called the Grand Trunk Pacific subdivision, or simply, Grand Trunk. It is unknown when Grand Trunk started being referred to as Old Entwistle.

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