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Friday, April 07, 2006

Friday Night Round Up

I saw a new product demonstrated on the news tonight. It piqued my interest. Or, at least, the interest of the pervert in me.

They're called "Tagalongs," and they are...disposable panties. Yup, underwear that a woman wears once, then tosses.

We are assured that each pair is clean and steralized, and sealed in a reusable pouch. That's the one thing that confounds me. If these things are disposable, why do they come in a reusable package?

But yeah, each one is folded up small enough to tuck in your purse. You know, for those emergencies when you just need a fresh pair of underwear.

I was watching this and thinking, "You know, this is why convenience stores in Japan sold underwear."

I almost bought underwear from a vending machine in Japan. It was in the locker room of a swimming pool. And there, on the wall, was a clean underwear vending maching. Slip in a 5000 yen bill, and get clean undies. And they had all kinds: boxers, briefs, boxer-briefs. I was this close to buying a pair, just so I could tell the story of how I bought underwear from a vending machine.

But I didn't. So, we have to make due with the tale of how I almost bought underwear from a vending machine.

Oh, and if you're curious, Tagalongs are available at all Wal-Marts.

Disney's new animated movie The Wild comes out next week. It's completely CGI, and looks like it rips off Madagascar.

Actually, Toys R Us, Wal-Mart, and Target have all agreed NOT to sell merchandise for The Wild. Doesn't matter, because Hasbro and Mattel have refused to make merchandise for The Wild. Why? Executives saw a rough version of the film a few months ago, and left 100% convinced that the film is going to bomb.

But, I just may go see it for one reason. Canada's very own Don Cherry does a voice! Cherry voices a hockey-loving turtle.

And, of course, earlier tonight, I watched the final episode of The Red Green Show. It was exactly as I expected. Shortly after The Red Green Show found a permanent home on the CBC, it settled into a fairly predicatable formula. Tonight, all we got was the formula...with weepy good-byes.

Although, I did enjoy the final fate of Bill, in the final Adventures with Bill. Bill shows up at the lodge, and turns all his old junk over to Red, turning it into a "best of Adventures with Bill" highlight reel. And then, Bill reveals that he's settling into retirement, and he rides off into the sunset with a super-sexy nurse.

And it was kind of fitting that it was Harold who got to utter the classic line, "Keep your stick on the ice." It was also nice that Red finally turned to Harold and said, "You've finally become a man."

A Canadian icon is gone...but not forgotten. You just know it'll be in reruns until the end of time.

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