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Monday, April 10, 2006

Last Night's Simpsons

I just have to take a moment to talk about last night's episode of The Simpsons.

Like a lot of fanboys, I have my own ideas for episodes. But there was one idea I had for a Simpsons episode that always stuck out in my mind. As we all know, back when the show first began, one of the running jokes was that Marge's sisters - Patty and Selma - were madly in love with MacGyver. They were totally obsessed with that show and its star Richard Dean Anderson. So, I always thought, "Hey...what they should do on that show is a parody of Misery. Patty and Selma abduct Richard Dean Anderson and force him to make new MacGyver episodes in their basement."

Guess what happened on last night's episode?

Patty and Selma were hosting their annual MacGyver convention. And, as always, they were the only ones there. And, who should walk in the door but...Richard Dean Anderson! (Special guest voice Richard Dean Anderson.) Turns out Anderson is actually in town for the Stargate: SG-1 convention across the street, and he accidentally walked into the wrong building. Anderson then proceeded to mock Patty and Selma for their love of MacGyver, calling the show an utter piece of trash before summing up his experiences on that show as "just a paycheck."

Next scene: Patty and Selma abduct Anderson off the stage of the Stargate Q&A session. We then see Anderson all tied up in Patty and Selma's apartment and subjected to a "one-on-one MacGyver convention."

But, things took a turn for the unexpected. Anderson escaped from his bonds in a very MacGyver way, and it ended up re-kindling his love of MacGyver. Anderson then proceeds to get Patty and Selma to put him in more and more intricate deathtraps so he can escape in a MacGyver way. It's not too long before Anderson is totally obsessed with Patty and Selma, and Patty and Selma have to figure out a way to drive him off.

The main plot was pretty good, too. Mr. Burns decided to outsouce the nuclear power plant, so Homer had to go to India to set up the new plant. Yeah, it was "The Simpsosn go to India."

I've said many times in the past that I'm not a fan of sports, but I do love the history of sports and the business of sports. This being Canada, a lot of this gets directed on the CFL.

It's been my obsession to finally see a 10th team in the CFL. The Maratimes have been left out for too long! Let's give Halifax a team! Besides, I have thing for even numbers. 9 is just so...odd.

I'm sure you remember the saga of the Ottawa team. The owners and managers of the Ottawa Rough Riders were a bunch of clowns who ran the team into the ground; ran into bankruptcy. So, after Ottawa was without a team for a few years, the Ottawa Renegades came to town. Now, the team was owned by the league. And, with the a resurgance in CFL popularity, it was good times for the Renegades.

Now, about two years ago, the CFL and those original Rough Riders owners had a meeting.

CFL>> Now, did you guys learn your lesson?
Rough Riders Owners>> Yes, sir.
CFL>> Are you going to do it again?
Rough Riders Owners>> No, sir.

And, the CFL turned management of the Renegades over to the former owners of the Rough Riders.

Two years later, the Renegades are no more. The owners of the Ottawa CFL team have run the them into the ground...again!

The official stance is that the Renegades have suspended operations until a new owner for the team can be found. So, if you can pony up the cash for a CFL team AND pay off the $4 million debt that the Renegades are in AND not run them into the ground...the Renegades can be yours.

Yeah, there's an even number of teams in the CFL again. But it's 8, not 10. That's a step backwards. But, we've been told, that if a right buyer can be found, the Renegades will be back in 2007.

And we were promised a 10th team by the end of the decade. So, have courage!

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