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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

AU/Weird Al Update

had to take a drive up to Athabasca University and have a look around. It is very strange. The entire place is built up and designed to look like a college campus. But there are no students. It's up there, in the middle of nowhere, a beautiful, vibrant, college campus.

But strangely deserted.

Don't get me wrong. It's teeming with life. Just not the student life that you'd find on a college campus.

It's very cool, and a little off-putting.

So, for those who aren't keeping close track of it, it was just announced at the official Weird Al Yankovic website that Weird Al has finished recording and mixing 11 songs for his new album!

And then, it ads the cryptic statement, "Does this mean the album's done? We don't know! Stay tuned!"

Now, the average lenght of a Weird Al-bum is 12 songs. And we've also heard some rumors that this is a double album.

Are we 11/12ths done? Or only half done? Only time will tell!

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