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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Steven Spielberg: Reality TV Guy?

Wow. So Steven Spielberg got himself a reality TV show.

The show is called On the Lot. Here's the premise: 16 contestants, divided into two teams. Each week, the teams have to produce a short film. In each episode, the short film will be of a different genre. The teams get access to profession crews, actors, writers, and, according to the news release, bonafide movie stars, should they play their cards right. At the end of each episode, the short film is screened for a studio audience and a panel of judges, including film critics, movie executives, and special guests. Contestants are eliminated, things get tense, and the winner gets a movie deal.

The show was created by Spielberg and Mark Burnett. Burnett is, of course, the god of reality TV, having created Survivor and The Apprentice. It'll air in the 06/07 season.

Don't forget, tune into the CBC tomorrow night at 7 to catch the final episode of The Red Green Show!

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