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Monday, April 03, 2006

Lost in Translation

Well, tonight, on the CBC, I finally saw Lost In Translation. I've been dying to see it for some time. See, Lost In Translation came out around the same time I got back from Japan, so I was asked about the film a lot. "Are Japanese people really like that? Did you have experiences like that?" and so on and such forth.

The film was a lot...sadder than I thought it'd be. It wasn't so much a film about the culture clash of being in Japan. It was more about...being lonely. And, as a guy who's been lonely quite a bit - even when he was in Japan - I "got it" on several levels.

It did stir up a lot of memories. Sometimes, I'm sad that I don't have any really good stories about Japan. Even though I was in another country, I was still a working stiff. Get up, put in 9 hours at work, go home, flop down on the couch and watch TV. Same routine everyone else does, just on the other side of the world.

Unlike my best friend, who got inducted into Sapporo's art scene and can tell you all about the little tiny clubs and galleries that dot the alleyways of Sapporo.

Sometimes, I wish I had a Japan experience like that.

But most days, I know I had the Japan experience that was best for me.

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