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Sunday, April 30, 2006

I'm Out

So, as per my roommate's ultimatum of "be out of my apartment in a week," I'm out of the apartment.

Way back in my job interview, my boss mentioned moving expenses. So, I said, "Hey! Would paying for a motel until I find my own place count as a moving expense?" The boss said, "Yup." So, I'm in a company-paid-for motel room until I find a place.

Some drawbacks, though. Like, it had to be the cheapest place in town. But that's OK. I'm away from the roomie. He has his "space."

But, the thing is, I'm on this dial-up connection through the motel phone line, and now I can't send ANY e-mail. It's not just @chaosinabox.com. It's EVERYTHING.

My chaosinabox.com tech support guys tell me it's because Microsoft Outlook Express is stupid, and I should switch to Mozilla Thunderbird. I'll admit, I do like Firefox, and Thunderbird is just an e-mail program from the folks who brought you brought you Firefox.

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