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Monday, April 17, 2006

Dead Like Me

So, tonight, I finally got to catch a TV show I've been wanting to check out for some time. It's called Dead Like Me. It ran from 2003-2004, so it's not like this is a fresh review or anything.

Dead Like Me was created by Bryan Fuller, who created one of my all-time favourite TV shows that was cancelled before it's time, Wonderfalls. In fact, Dead Like Me was very similar to Wonderfalls. Both shows had, as the main character, a bored, cynical, sarcastic young woman who was stuck in an existential quandry. And, in both shows, that main characters is pushed out of her funk by cosmic forces beyond her control.

In Wonderfalls, the main character was a clerk in a gift shop, and the cosmic forces were talking knicknacks.

In Dead Like Me, she's Death, and the cosmic forces are the demands of her job.

Dead Like Me was very, very good. Definitly worth a second look. It only ran for two seasons, and both of them are on DVD. Might finally be worth signing up for Zip.ca so I can rent them.

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