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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Ahh, it was a good day. It's always a good day when you get a lot of stuff but spend very little money.

Firstly, I had no problem at Future Shop in exchanging all the duplicate DVDs I got for Sin City: Extended, Recut, Unrated. I was also very tempted to blow some Christmas money on Fantastic Four and Serenity, but I decided not to. Instead, I'll save my money for next week and The Flash: the Complete Series.

Then, I hit the greeting card stores. As I'm sure you know, starting in about August all the greeting card stores start selling their super-exclusive collector-geared Christmas tree ornaments. A lot of them are pop-culture centered, and, trust me, it's a lateral move from "action figures" to "Christmas tree ornaments." Now, all those greeting card store collector's ornaments are quite pricey...until Boxing Day. Then they all get marked down to 80% off. (They are all stamped "Christmas 2005" after all.) Of course, when you leave it to around this time, most of the good ones are gone. But, I lucked out. I got the super-exclusive Christmas tree ornaments of Storm and Princess Leia in the gold bikini. Regular price: $22, each. I paid: $5, each.

Then, I got home, to discover that there was a parcel for me! My very good friend gave me a $30 gift card for Amazon.ca which I blew on one of my most-coveted DVDs...the long-awaited 3-disc super-special edition of Titanic. And it arrived today!

Wow...ultra-mega-special editions of Sin City and Titanic. Each one has 3 different running commentaries. That means I'll be watching each film a minimum of 4 times. I have no idea when.

See, as I recently explained to my best friend, you'd think that, by living at home and being unemployed, I could watch DVDs whenever I want, but NO! My father takes every afternoon off to watch his judge shows, and prime time is reserved for Mom's soaps. So, if I want to watch a DVD on a weekday, I've got this very narrow window in the morning.

I just need my own house. Then, I can watch DVDs whenever I want! Even naughty ones.

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