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Saturday, January 14, 2006

I really should go outside and play this weekend. Or something.
Flash Reviews!
Episode 13: Tina, Is That You?

Episode Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: Tina (the hot scientist who helps out the Flash) accidentally gets a jolt from her biofeedback machine, and it turns her into a homicidal punk bent on destroying the Flash!

What's Good: It's just always fun watching familiar characters go nuts and insane and all that. A few good comedic moments, too.

What's Not So Good: I don't think the concept was taken as far as it could. Oh, and spandex wasn't good in any decade.

Final Verdict: You walk away going "meh."

Episode 14: Be My Baby

Episode Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: Barry meets up with a woman whose daughter was fathered by a mob boss. The mob boss is hunting for his baby. Flash must save the baby!

Hey! I Know That Guy! The mob boss is Bryan Cranston, the dad on Malcolm in the Middle!

What's Good: A few good action scenes. A few good comedic moments, too, as Barry uses his super-speed to quiet a whole roomful of babies.

What's Not so Good: The "big tough guy stuck caring for a cute little baby" is one of the biggest cliches in action shows. Even way back when this first aired in 1991, the jokes were routine.

Final Verdict: Good, but cliched.

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