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Monday, January 30, 2006

Of Postcards and Small Town Banks

Yay! I got my first Postcrossing postcard today! Postcrossing is this website that a friend of mine mentioned in her blg once. Essentially, it's this set-up where you can mail postcards to complete strangers all around the world, and complete strangers send postcards to you, so you can get all kinds of nifty postcards for your collection.

I was always kind of curious about trying it. And then, in that week between Christmas and New Years, I was cleaning my room and I found a fistful of Alberta Centennial postcards. They were giving them away free at the post office...when they eventually got sick of having them around, they'd give a fistful to anyone who bought a stamp. So I had all these postcards, and I wanted to use up the rest of my stamps because the price went up about two weeks ago. So I thought, "Let's give this Postcrossing thing a try."

I sent out 4. According to the Postcrossing website, three of them arrived. And today, I got my first one! From Brazil!


Tis a sad state of affairs in the small town bank.

Because I'm all commemerative coin crazy, I went to the Evansburg Royal Bank today in an attempt to get some of these new Olympic Loonies.

The Evansburg Royal Bank is a case study of the decline of a small town. When I was a kid, the Evansburg Royal Bank was a thriving bank, with at least a half-a-dozen tellers on staff all the time and a dozen offices in the back for all kinds of loan-giving and financial planning and other bank stuff.

Not the case today. Now, it's stripped down to a skeleton crew. All the offices are gone, giving the building a big, empty appearance. There's only one teller on duty, and she makes it quite clear that she's only there to assist seniors who can't figure out the ATM.

However, I discovered that, because of this situation, they're the best place to go to get the latest commemerative coins, mainly becase they don't move a lot of coins.

Sadly, though, the pension cheques must have just come in or something. There was a line of about a dozen seniors wanted to cash their cheques and I didn't feel like waiting. Tomorrow, then.

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