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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well, I guess there's some good news about this Disney buy-out of Pixar. You may remember that I reported yesterday that, as part of this deal, several Pixar staffers got promoted to similar positions in Disney Animation.

Today, as their first official act, they cancelled Disney's plans to make Toy Story 3.

You know, the more I read online, the more it seems that I'm in a minority when I say, "Disney buying Pixar is a bad thing." Most everyone else is saying, "Yay! Look at how many Pixar staff members are now running Disney animation. Maybe Disney will start making good animated films again!"

One can only hope.

Anyway, now with the election done, I can turn my attention to another of my obsessions: the Olympics! The 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy start in, like, two weeks!

There was a bit of controversy around Team Canada last week. Right now, the Team Canada organizers are deciding who will carry the flag into the stadium at the opening ceremonies. And, several atheletes came forward and said, "You know what? Don't bother asking ME to carry the flag, because if you ask me, I'll say no."

I'm not making that up. Several Canadian atheletes have refused to carry the flag inot the stadium for the opening ceremonies. Their logic is? Carrying the flag actually eats up a lot of time, as you wind up doing a whole bunch of interviews and stuff. Carrying the flag, they say, would totally throw off their mindset, distract from their training, and maybe, just maybe, cost them the gold.

Of course, several people are pissed. They're calling them unpatriotic and all that. I thought so too, when this story broke a week ago, but it's such a non-issue now.

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