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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Guess how I spent my Saturday afternoon?

Flash Reviews!
Episode 8: Shroud of Death

Summary in 5 Sentences of Less: An assasin is picking off the members of the police force who arrested her father. One of them just happens to be the Flash's boss. So, he's off to stop an assasin!

What's Good: Some really nifty explosions and death-traps. And the final scene in which Barry convinces his partner - Julio Mendez - that he's not the Flash is priceless.

What's Not So Good: A lame "don't be consumed by hate" message.

Final Verdict: A good Thursday show.

Episode 9: Ghost in the Machine

Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: The Ghost, a super-villain from the 1950s, walks out of his cryo-tube and is ready to conquer the future of 1990! The Flash has to team up with Nightshade, a 1950s superhero, to deal with the threat.

What's Good: I love technology-themed villains from old TV shows. Even though this was at least 5 years before the Internet went mainstream, they managed to get it right. And you have to love those "villain is still out there" endings.

What's Not So Good: Not much

Final Verdict: A fun and exciting romp.

Episode 10: Sight Unseen

Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: An invisible man steals a deadly virus and threatens the city. Meanwhile, Tina is infected with that virus and is left to die in Star Labs. Can the Flash save Tina and the city?

What's Good: I really enjoy it when a hero and a villain actually sit down and talk about their differing philosophies. It makes the villain a little more dimensional. Plus, great use of not only the Flash's superpowers, but his skills as a scientist.

What's Not So Good: Is there, like, some unwritten law saying that every superhero has to meet up with an invisible man?

Final Verdict: Good, but not exceptional.

Episode 11: Beat the Clock

Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: A famous jazz musician was framed for murder, and is slated to be executed in 1 hour. But, the Flash just got evidence clearing the guy's name. Can the Flash blow the lid off this conspiracy in one hour?

Hey! I Know that Guy! The murder victim (who we learn was not really murdered) is Oscar-nominated actress Angela Bassett!

What's Good: Supporting character Julio Mendez finally gets an episode. The Flash taking out a bad guy by crashing cymbals against the bad guy's head at super-speed. And I always loved that image of the Flash running into the execution chamber at the last possible second to turn off the electric chair.

What's Not so Good: Rather cliched plot, don't you think?

Final Verdict: Pretty good.

Episode 12: The Trickster

Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: Halfway through the series, we finally start meeting the Flash's rouges gallery! Psychotic mass murderer James Jessie has an encounter with the Flash, and is inspired to don his coloured costume and gimmicks. He is reborn as the Trickster, and starts going on a rampage in Central City.

Hey! I Know that Guy! Ladies and gents, this is why this show gets a whole paragraph in the Geek Handbook and not just a footnote. The Trickster is, in real life...LUKE SKYWALKER!! That's right, Mark Hamill plays James Jessie.

What's Good: Everything. It's like they finally took everything you like about comic book movies and managed to make a proper TV show about it. Healthy doses of action, some much-appreciated humour without seeming forced, a truly psycho villain, and a knight in shining armor.

What's Not so Good: Nothing.

Final Verdict: One of the best episodes so far.

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