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Friday, January 20, 2006

I gotta share one of the coolest news stories of the day.

Do you watch The Daily Show with Jon Stewart? One of the funniest shows from the USA, and probably the most satirical.

Anyway, here in Canada, it's on every night at midnight on the CBC, so Stewart decided to do a whole bit on the election! Nothing like watching an American take on the Canadain election. Favourite line:

"What? You call those attack ads? Don't any of these guys have a war medal or a lesbian daughter they can go after?"

And, Stewart posted the whole thing on his website! You can watch it online!

Just go right here and watch the video labeled "New Osama Tape." Yeah, it starts with a 2 minute bit about the Osama Bin Laden tape. But past those first two minutes, it's all Canada.

Three things I learned about Sin City today, thanks to the super-special edition DVD:

- Frank Miller collects Hot Wheels cars. Every car in Sin City (the graphic novels and the movies) is actually a Hot Wheels from Miller's collection.

- As you may recall, Frank Miller actually wrote RoboCop 2 and RoboCop 3. To pay homage to this, several characters in Sin City are seen brandishing RoboCop's distinctive gun. When it came time to make Sin City: The Movie, they actually went to Hollywood, tracked down RoboCop's gun, and used it in the movie.

- Miho uses Hatori Hanzo swords. When they were making the movie, Quentin Tarintino brought some leftover swords from the Kill Bill movies for Miho to use. (Tarintino had been keeping the blades in his garage.)

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