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Monday, January 16, 2006

*sigh* I'm not getting any work done! But I've still got my afternoon. Guess what I wasted my morning doing?

Flash Reviews!
Episode xx: Captain Cold

Episode Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: It's another of the Flash's rougues gallery! Captain Cold, the assasin who uses a variety of freezing weapons, comes to town to eliminate the Flash.

Hey! I Know that Guy! The crime boss who hires Captain Cold is none other than Jeffery Coombs, the B-movie star who's had a ton of recurring roles on various Star Treks.

What's Good: A solid action episode with some great special effects.

What's Not so Good: Is there some unwritten law that all super-villains with freezing-based powers have to attack during a heat wave?

Final Verdict: A good Thursday Show.

Episode yy: Twin Streaks

Episode Summary in 5 Sentences or Less: A mad scientist clones the Flash! Now, there's a second super-speedster on the streets, but with the mentality of a child. Sadly, it's not the origin of the Reverse-Flash.

What's Good: John Wesley Shipp does an amazing performance as Pollux, the child-like Flash clone. Great special effects, too. And everyone needs a message about slowing down and relaxing.

What's Not so Good: Not much.

Final Verdict: One of the better episodes.

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