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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Gives me goosebumps. And not the good kind.

Paul Martin has already said that he's stepping down as leader of the Liberal Party, so we're going to have a Liberal leadership race very soon.

Some other election notes:

- Jack Layton's wife Olivia Chow finally got elected.

- Belinda Stronach was re-elected. I'm really happy to see that. I know that I'm a minority when I say this, but I think Belinda got a lot of unneccessary shit for crossing the floor just because she is a woman.

- There's one independent. He's from Quebec City. I forget his name but he is described as "an immensly popular radio shock jock."

And, the sad news.

Anne McLellan lost. The only Liberal in Alberta got swept out in the tide of Conservative support.

What did one pundit say last night about this Conservative win? "When Alberta tires of the Liberals, they vote in the Conservatives. When Alberta tires of the Conservatives, they create a new political party."

And now, let's take a look at Alberta politics. Early next month, Ralph Klein's "prosperity bonus" cheques of $400 will be arriving in mailboxes. Many companies are already taking advantage of this and are offering their "Thanks, Ralph!" prosperity packages. The Fairmont Hotel chain (which owns Edmonton's Hotel MacDonald, the Banff Springs Hotel, the Japser Park Lodge, and the Chateau Lake Louise) are offering their "Thanks, Ralph! Prosperity Packages," weekend getaways priced at...$400 per person. The Brick is starting to advertise their "Thanks, Ralph!" specials; new furniture packages for...$400.

Ah, stupid, stupid Ralph. I still think these prosperity bonuses are a stupid idea. Rather than giving $400 to everyone, wouldn't it have been smarter to use that money to, oh, I don't know, RE-INVEST IN HEALTHCARE? Or Education?

But I'm not going to turn away my cheque when it comes.

Oh, and I have to share the scariest news to come out of Hollywood.

It looks like Disney is on the verge of buying Pixar. I seriously do not want that to happen. I think that part of Pixar's charm and success has always been that they are this little independent company way up there in northern California, so far from Hollywood. I think that Disney buying them will crush their creative spirit.

And, let's wrap up with two bits about straight-to-DVD movies:

- It's official! Futurama is making its comeback! At his official website, Futurama star Billy West (the voice of Fry) announced that he just got the call. Futurama will be returning as a series of four straight-to-DVD movies. Production begins this summer.

- Tim Daly will be reprising his role of Superman for a new Superman straight-to-video animated movie called Superman: Braniac Attacks. You may remember that Daly was the original voice of Clark Kent/Superman on Superman: The Animated Series that ran from 96 to 2000. Daly bowed out of reprising the role for Justice League because he was busy doing a new TV show. For Justice League, Superman's voice has been done by George Newburn, who's been doing a really good job, too.

I have more to rant about, but this is running long.

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