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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Here, I think, is the best illustration of Alberta's near-fanatical devotion to the Conservative Party.

I saw this report on CTV NewsNet this morning. It's the story of Rob Anders, the Conservative incumbent for the riding of Calgary West.

Now, as soon as the writ was dropped, Anders dropped off the face of the Earth. He hasn't shown up for any candidates forums, he hasn't done any door-knocking, and his people have declined all requests for interviews. When the media asks about his current whereabouts, the media is told that Anders is out in BC, helping out a Tory campaign in one of those all-important BC swing ridings. Calls to the that BC riding office say that Anders was there, but he's gone now.

It's becoming a great mystery in Calgary. Where is Rob Anders? People are starting to grow cynical with this man. How can the person be so arrogant that he'll do no campaigning in his own riding? On the CTV NewsNet story I saw, they had footage from a candidates forum where all the candidates attacked him for not showing up, and many a voter walked away going, "I'm not voting Conservative, seeing as to how he can't even come out to meet his constituents."

Anders, however, is expected to get re-elected in a landslide.

And let's not forget the exciting story of Edmonton Centre. As I'm sure you know, the incumbent in Edmonton Centre is Deputy Prime Minister Anne McLellan; the only Liberal in Alberta.

There's a bit of a mini-scandal brewing in Edmonton Centre. I'm surprised that even Edmonton's most devoted Conservative supporters called it a nasty and underhanded blow.

Laurie Hawn, the Conservative running against Anne McLellan, sent everyone in Edmonton Centre an envelope. Inside was a little note saying, "If you were a friend of the Liberals, this would be stuffed with cash! Stand up for Canada. Vote Conservative."

McLellan called it an attack on her integrity. Hawn called it a light-hearted reminder of the Gomery inquiry. And, shockingly, most people are siding with McLellan.

And, you know, with all these crazy attack ads going on, probably the best spoof of them happened on the Rick Mercer Report back on Tuesday.

It was an ad attacking the Communist Party and it was paid for by...the Marxist-Leninist Party. As the announcer says at the end, "Bet you didn't know that Canada has two Communist Parties. The Marxist-Leninist Party. Splitting the lost cause vote."

Head on over to the Rick Mercer Report website and watch it. You want to click on the big picture of the leader of the Communist Party.

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