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Friday, January 27, 2006

OK, my e-mail seems to be working OK...it's just ungodly slow. There's about a 12-hour lag time between when you send it and when I receive it. So, if it seems like I'm getting back to you really slow, that's why.

Anyway, I just did my crazy thing today. As you may recall, about a week ago, I decided to put an ad on Milkman Unlimited begging for work. Well, today I got my first response to that ad.

It was for the radio station out in Edson.

So, I thought, "Hey! Edson's real close to Entwistle. Why don't I drive on out there and give them my resume and demo in person?"

So I did.

Sadly, though, when I arrived, I was told that the guy who's doing the hiring was out in Whitecourt for the day, so I couldn't drop it off in person like I'd hoped.

But they have it. And hopefully, this'll lead to a job in Edson.

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